Family Owned

For about as long as I can remember my daddy wasn’t right in the head. I’m told at one time he was but I was so young and it’s been so long, I have little recollection. I used to have a brother named Kyle who was fifteen years older than me. He died. All that’s left is a glossy photo of him in his Army uniform hanging over the fireplace. We don’t speak much of Kyle. Continue reading Family Owned


A Family at War

“What do you mean you’re quittin’ school,” shouted 4’ 11” Dottie to her 5’ 11” teenage son. Fully expecting resistance, and never measuring up to his Mom’s debating skills, Alexander buckled as his well-laid plans crashed and burned. “Mom, there’s a war goin’ on in case you didn’t notice. Guys are dropping out and signing up left and right”. “And what if I won’t sign for ‘ya smarty pants”? Swallowing hard, Alexander ever so softly blurted: “I’ll lie about my age, they don’t care”. And lie, he did. Continue reading A Family at War

Never Trust a Carnie

I almost got to hear a bunch of Bullfrogs play music once. Honest. It was 1953 and “The World’s Most Amazing Carnival and Sideshow” consumed 25 acres behind the old McElroy place where in the distant past, the biggest and wateriest watermelons ever released on mankind, talking since the dawn of creation kind of good, had been lovingly planted, loved and cuddled through maturity, only to be devoured for the edification of all things righteous and holy by a bunch of hot and sticky Florida panhandle Bubba’s, their wives and kids. When old man McElroy died, his two incompetent mastodon offspring, Bobby, and Billy, had no interest in participating in the further cultivation of their Fathers lifeblood, so with the greatest of intellect chose to run electrical outlets to the middle of their dear old Pa’s beloved and now barren field, and rent it out for events such as “The World’s Most Amazing Carnival and Sideshow.” Continue reading Never Trust a Carnie

For Pete’s Sake

Preface There are 3 physical dimensions known to mankind. Some believe there are four while others believe there to be an infinite number. Having familiarity only with the one you and I exist in, their contents are unknown. Could it be the ghostly apparitions seen by some are in actuality a limited glance into where we shall all one day reside, or perhaps already have, … Continue reading For Pete’s Sake